Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy extremely Belated Birthday Bea!

Wow, I really dropped the ball this year!  Well, it's amazing how easy you are to please.  I cancelled your hula party because it was freezing cold and was supposed to rain, I didn't even write you a blog post or take Birthday photos! You did get a new pink bike, a Lego friends yacht, some Legos and make-up from your grandparents and a new outfit from Nanna B.  You are the happiest girl in the world!

Well, what can I say about you? You are such a fun girl.  You have a very friendly personality and you like everyone you meet.  You have been able to make friends in Kindergarten this year very quickly.  You wake up every morning, get a cute outfit on, and want me to put a side ponytail in your hair, which is the new craze right now.  You just learned how to ride your bike without training wheels and you are doing well at reading.  I held you back a year so you would have an easier time in school, especially with the Chinese coming up in first grade.  You are doing very well and you like being the oldest in your class. 

Bea,  you are such a big helper.  I know the Lord gave you to me because you like to do many things I do not like to do, which usually has to do with cleaning the house.  My favorite thing you have said to me is, "mommy, my favorite things to do are clean and work!".  That makes one of us! You are constantly cleaning and humming while you clean.  You help Fabi, our friend who cleans our house, all the time and she's amazed by how much you love to clean.  You would like nothing more than a spray bottle and a rag and freedom to go wipe down the entire house.  You cleaned your entire MESSY room last Friday for an entire hour and it looked amazing.  You have the ability to focus and do whatever needs to be done. 

Bea, you have started playing piano and violin.  You don't mind piano, but you really are disliking the violin.  Well, I'm going to take the advice of EVERY SINGLE PERSON I KNOW  and I'm not going to let you quit anything you start.  Our friend Alina, who is the national fiddle champion hated playing violin until she turned 12 and then she started loving it.  There is always that element of difficulty when you start something new, but I know someday you will love playing fiddle with your sisters!

You have such a big heart.  You love babies and are always playing mommy.  You take care of everyone around you and wish we had a new baby in the house.  You are so cuddly and sweet and always like me to sing to you and cuddle in bed.  You always claim to stay up all night long, but you are the first to fall asleep and you're the last to wake up.  You are my best sleeper for sure. 

Bea, you love your brother and sisters so much.  You fight sometimes with Henry but mostly you are both just bugging each other because you both have that tendency to be a tease.  You like to control your sisters and luckily they trust you with most everything and are happy to go along with whatever you want to do.  Your favorite things to play are a game called, "mommy, sissy and sweetie" (which is a mommy, sister and baby), anything dress up, playing in the play kitchen, Legos, and you love to dress everyone the same and do the cha cha cha. 

Bea, I love you so much and I'm so glad you're in my life.  You are so beautiful and so kind hearted.  I know you'll be such a great mom someday and I can't wait until you've grown up and we can be best friends.  Happy Birthday my little sweetie.


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